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Like what was given to Sarah, it was a thick diaper.

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Finally, there was a plastic training potty in the bathroom.

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It took me a long time to get over this type of conditioning and accept this was a disease and I did not ask for it, but I had to deal with.

It was still early afternoon when she arrived at the house and the mother was ready to leave.

From now on when either of us has to go we have to ask permission and have to be taken to the bathroom.

She glared at me in anger and told me I could hold it, I told her I couldn't and we fought until she pulled over to tube xxx pic gas station in frustration.

I finally had a major accident in a public place Wal-Mart that was blatantly obvious and totally humiliating.

What would you do with a little girl who forgot how to use the potty?

The headmistress put an arm around her and cooed.