Aquarius in a relationship. Now I want you to be that grown up, strip the ego and the feeling of not being heard, stop the arguments, looks like going in circles.

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I am a scorpio man dating an aquarius girl… Arguement after argument… But we always find ourselves talking later on.

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A darker side of Aquarius reveals that the water bearer who prizes humanitarian efforts can be self-centered and even conceited.

The meeting of the minds will often precede the meeting of bodies.

Aquarius is the sign that governs information that traverses the air and electromagnetism.

Avoid arguments before they start and turn your differences into strengths.

Some Aquarians find sexual intimacy more important than others, however most are enthusiastic about lovemaking.

Scorpio, go back play what she has told you in your head.

They know what they like and couldn't care less about trends, etc.

You focus on the bigger picture; Virgo gets bogged down with detail.