Christains who spank. If you strike him with the rod you will save his soul from Sheol.

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We didn't spank in anger or as an impulsive reaction.

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He also insists that a gentle human discipline best mirrors that divine discipline.

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The Baptist leader, convicted for his role in the Occupy Central and Umbrella Movement protests, takes the stand with a biblical defense for human rights and civil young babes tumblr.

Senior Pastoral Administrator E.

Like all of the Bible, while the words are ancient, the application is very relevant in contemporary society.

The concept of spanking comes from the rod.

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What is more important is that as parents we learn to mete naked teen girls boobs discipline appropriate to the task of forming mature, healthy people, and yet also make gentle allowances for our children's human frailties and their individual quirks and needs.

Billy Graham Church Leadership Abuse.

Parenting is full of uncertainties, but one thing is for sure: