Chronicle of a death foretold virginity. Porn exhibitionist Chronicle of a Death Foretold was an uncomfortable experience, because as much as teenage me believed women should have equal rights and worth in society, it was still difficult to hold on to that belief.

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And a man's honor is the virginity of the women in his family, we guess?

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Why does Marquez create so many misleading elements?

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This is the narrator's sister, Margot, talking about her own reaction to the news that Angela was not a virgin.

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Left here, there seems to be no hope of deciphering the conundrum.

There is direct allusion to a fraudulent proof of my love and imagined sexual intercourse.

In case you missed it, a woman's honor is her virginity.

Exactly what I needed.

There are no other clear suspects from the novel.

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Marquez is explicit in telling us, through the narrator that part of the evidence is missing as he rescues some pages….