Firestorm world domination tour. What else is out there is for you to find out.

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What exactly is World Domination Tour?

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Yes, you may remember them from Tiberian Sun, but these new improved versions are larger and tougher.

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The MSG must be stationary and deployed to be truly effective though.

What exactly is World Domination Tour?

World Domination Tour is a multiplay idea that builds on the ladder system.

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Like the GDI Mobile EMP Cannon, the MSG isn't as powerful as its stationary couterpart, but it sure comes in handy in the field, especially if you're trying to hide a small group of troops from a superior force.

Posted December 25,

It lets thousands of players battle for real-world locations until one player controls an entire continent.

Kiss put on an over-the-top stage spectacle—complete with sophisticated pyrotechnics and their trademark outfits and make-up—including steep-heeled boots.

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