Gay wedding gif. Rainbow loader to show your support of legal rights on gay marriage.

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Tim Grimes digitim Follow Gay or straight, I won't be attending your musical wedding.

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Macklemore and Ryan Gay men sayings, for their considerable talents, are interlopers as well—hip-hop musicians whose fan base largely exists outside of hip hop, as shown by the fact that the Grammy committee handling rap categories reportedly wanted to exclude the duo from consideration.

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And you start to think "Oh my god.

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Pink strung herself from the ceiling for the zillionth awards show, and it was still impressive:

I feel so betrayed.

Gay Wedding Photographer.

You didn't really care about the musical element of it anymore.

Well, here's another way of showing your support:

Congrats to the 33 couples, gay and straight, who walked into the Grammy Awards Sunday night unmarried and walked out as newlyweds.

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