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Probably the least stable of the dorm residents, as she has severe insecurities about men, her own sense of femininity, trisha paytas dating family, and turtles.

However, once she was well-and-truly tanked up, Motoko's bitter disappointment at missing out on Keitaro yet again finally came to a head.

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Kitsune asked herself in amazement, once Motoko's erratic sexual spasms had finally come to a stop.

Mutsumi had then explained Naru's very surprising absence from the meeting to the dumbfounded residents.

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None of their other friends had shown up for a late-night swim, so Kitsune and Motoko ended up sharing the drinks all by themselves in the privacy of a dimly lit corner of the onsen.

She and Kaolla are the youngest residents of the House, being the mild-mannered counterpart to the energetic Kaolla.

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