Olive oil anal lubricant. Water will not react with olive oil heather locklear boobs wash it off, so only a few drops can keep things smooth and velvety for a long time.

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KY Jelly also containswhich has antibacterial properties.

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Lube that makes butt stuff less painful sounds too good to be true, because it is.

While there has been no scientific research into montreal escorts sophia olive oil as a lubricant substitute, the skin of the vagina and vulval area is extremely sensitive, and women have been known to experience allergic reactions to olive oil.

If you want to avoid the potential risk of skin damage and compromised sexual health, use a good quality, certified lubricant such as YES Organic, which is available in oil and water based formulas.

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Grape seed oil works pretty well, it's a bit lighter and less greasy than olive oil.

It smells amazing and is good for your body.