Sex to lower blood sugar. Well-Being Fitness Weight Loss.

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Keeping tabs on your blood glucose levels is an important practice to prevent potential roadblocks that might happen during any stage of sexual play.

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For an oversexed culture that isn't afraid to push boundaries on TV, in movies, on the radio, and in books and magazines, we're awfully shy sexy girl buttcrack sex when it comes to our health.

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Diabetes Ketogenic Diet May Increase Risk for Type 2 Diabetes, Early Findings Suggest The study, which was on mice and not humans, found that the high-fat, string bikini pics diet appeared to trigger insulin resistance in the rodents.

When meds aren't behind a person's hampered arousal, diabetes may be to blame.

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Contact other organisations that specialise in helping with sexual problems, like Relate or the Sexual Advice Association.

I s it your imagination, or do you always seem to get low blood sugar after having sex?

What Men Should Know High blood sugar levels may lead to potential obstacles in the bedroom for men with Type hidden camera hookup diabetes, possibly leading to erectile dysfunction and a variety of problems with ejaculation.

Having an orgasm is usually pretty easy for men, which is why it can be so frustrating if a man's unable to finish.

A hormone imbalance may be to blame, Roszler says.