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First the rest of your abs puff forward, like you were purposely puffing your belly outwards with your breath, but soon the rigidity of muscles began to fade.

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Pink flushes your cheeks, and you rush to the mens bathroom.

Many little kicks, many more pulses, all resonating within your body.

It was without fail, but the skin, so delicate and palpable, aches and flashes with heat.

Your shirt has lifted up, barely able to cover any of your mid-drift, tight poking nipples close to spearing holes through the material.

This only causes the tight t-shirt to finally burst free, revealing two massively perky tits, nipples bubbly and bouncy.

Her head rolls back, and she too orgasms, her body tightening on you.

By now, the growing skin cannot be hid by just crossing your arms.

Many little kicks, many more pulses, all resonating within your body.

Another contraction slams into you, and your girlfriend finally lifts herself off of you.