Wyvern matriarch. This key section of the article is incomplete.

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Hard CC are the things that make you unable to attack:

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Great kill!

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I've seen friends playing nude cartoon tumblr in which the fucking objective is written across the screen and they go like "duuur this game is shit I dunno what I am supposed to do".

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Wish the game just punish the one who didn't use cc instead of everyone equally.

We've got a guide for you as well!

Is this move a better option for Breakbar damage than Moa?

Wtf are people thinking?

This video showcases how quickly one of these bosses can be killed when the group intent on killing solo jackoff aren't just spamming 1 for loot.

It also rewards bad players just as well as good ones, which is not something that should be encouraged.

Is this correct?

They're brutally hard if you haven't already learned the mechanics

Then repeated that seven times before I shrugged and left.