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Mystique is a mutant and the leader of the Brotherhood of Mutants formerly under the command of Magneto.

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A point of controversy was the design of the blue-skinned villain Mystique.

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Magneto had her get Quicksilverwho was actually his son.

She decided that the best way to have Rogue come back to them would be to use her powers and shape-shift into the other Plus size amateur and attack her.

One of Wanda's hands then slid up to a boob while the other slid down to Rogue's pussy, making the sleeping girl moan in half-conscious pleasure.

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Kitty immediately took Kurt's waving tail into her delicate hands and slowing spread her tongue against the tail's sensitive tip, nibbling the edge of the spade.

Going first as Wolverine, she attacked Rouge while she was inside the boy's home and discriminated the name X-Men by using it to refer to herself as him.

Apocalypse instructs his Horsemen to protect his three domes and his 'base of operations', which will turn the majority of the world population into mutants.

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Beast also served as a teacher to the cast at high school prior to his transformation.